Fabian is a German artist, living in the Netherlands. Already as a kid he had a deep fascination for nature handed down from his father as biologist. He guided him to the discovery of the enchanting world of living organism.

Since then the relation and interaction between a constructed surrounding and the just uncultivated nature drives his interest. Fabian is fascinated by the ties between us humans and the natural structures around and he interprets in his work continuously nature as powerful asking for respect rather than asking for protection.
This results in a work drawing the power lines of flora and fauna into abstract. Geometries with both strength and beauty of wildlife in its simplest form.The lines in his work are clear- cut and simplified.
His hand-crafted approach creates unique pieces with a specific personality. The diversity of his work reflects the variety in nature. He aims for a fine balance between arithmatic designer, working craftsman an environmentally engaged artist.

Except for A-quadraat he exhibits in: London, Brussels, Paris, Tokyo and Cologne.

Kunstwerken van deze kunstenaar zijn te koop via A-quadraat. Wij houden een beperkt aantal werken in stock.